2021 Global Agriculture Innovation Forum

Purdue University is pleased to announce the 2021 Global Agriculture Innovation Forum, developed as a partnership between Purdue and USDA. The Forum will consist of a series of virtual events held throughout 2021 that will provide opportunities for dialogue and dissemination of ideas at the leading edge of agricultural innovation.

The second Forum, entitled Innovations in Genetic Improvement in Agricultural Systems, will kick off with a session entitled Genetic Innovations in Crops. Please join on May 11, 2021 from 9:00-10:30 AM EDT. Participation is FREE, but registration is required.  

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Future forum themes
• Innovations in Genetic Improvement of Agricultural Systems – beginning May 11, 2021
• Innovations in Post-Harvest Management – beginning June 29, 2021
• Innovations in Entrepreneurship, Especially Among Youth – beginning August 24, 2021
• Innovations in Information and Communication Technologies – beginning October 19, 2021
• Innovations in Scaling – beginning December 14, 2021

About the Global Agriculture Innovation Forum:
The Global Agriculture Innovation Forum is a joint undertaking between USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service and Purdue University’s Office of International Programs in Agriculture. The Forum will be valuable to entrepreneurs, producers, value-chain operators, service providers, and researchers, as well as donor agencies and implementing partners and will consist of a series of virtual events held throughout 2021. All events are free, but registration is required. Registration provides access to additional features.