Moving the Needle on International Development & Global Food Security

 The Commission on International Initiatives (CII) invites APLU members to a dialogue with USAID leadership on September 2 from 1:00-2:00 pm ET that will address international development and research programs that foster solutions to global food insecurity. During this event, APLU members will hear from USAID leaders about their goals for research and capacity building programs. Speakers will also describe the ongoing United States’ engagement in the United Nations Food System Summit. Finally, attendees will learn USAID’s aims to position the United States to collaborate internationally to reduce obstacles for food production and access, adapt to climate change, and advance global health and nutrition. For more than half a century, APLU members have worked in partnership with USAID to achieve its mission. Together, our work has resulted in globally relevant agricultural innovations, thoughtful international leaders, and reduced levels of global food insecurity. However, the COVID19 pandemic and climate change continue to challenge the progress made. APLU members seek to forge a renewed partnership with USAID to address global issues that advance development and research diplomacy. This event is sponsored in part by the International Advocacy Coordinating Committee (IACC). For any questions on registration, please contact Jordan Merker at For all other questions, please contact Caron Gala at  

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