Rotational Grazing for Healthier Ecosystems in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Overgrazed pastures lead to degradation, erosion and desertification, while well-maintained pastures are more productive, sequester more carbon and contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

The LAND Project, which is a collaboration between UWMadison’s Center for Integrated Agriculture (CIAS), the Agriculture and Rural Development Research Institute (ARDRI) at the University of Fort Hare, and Kidlinks World, is researching managed grazing and collaborating with local farmers to implement better grazing approaches on communal land in South Africa

people planting a row of crops

In 2018 a group led by Michael Bell, professor in Community and Environmental Sociology, organized rotational grazing training in the native language (amaXhosa) for fourteen villagers in Manzimdaka, South Africa. For more information, visit The LAND Project.

Principal Investigator

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Mike Bell

Community & Environmental Sociology

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