Appointment Letter

Summary of Information for Visiting/Honorary Appointments in CALS

  • Visiting appointees to research, teaching, and outreach programs in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences should be appointed on a Visiting/Honorary Appointment within the CALS Department/Center with which they will affiliate during their time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Under a visiting/honorary appointment, the appointee should have access to departmental research facilities, office, and/or laboratory space as appropriate, and access to colleagues.
  • In addition, they should have all rights accorded to University of Wisconsin-Madison visiting appointees including the use of libraries.
  • Visiting/honorary appointees should discuss with their sponsoring Department/Center their appointment type, campus/department policies/procedures, enrollment procedures, accesses, rights and expectations involving research and intellectual property, and liability/insurance issues.
  • Departments/Centers will provide an official appointment letter for the individual when the appointment is finalized
  • Provide guidance information to supervisor/mentor and chair/director for review prior to preparation and submission of a Visiting, Zero Dollar, Honorary Appointment Request Form. It is recommended that this information also be provided to appointee as an informational reference.
  • Prepare and submit a Visiting, Zero Dollar, Honorary Appointment Request Form to CALS Human Resources (CALS HR), 240 Agricultural Hall (see form). Request form should include:
     Name of appointee.
     Expected dates of appointment (generally appointments are limited in length).
     Proposed working title for appointment.
     Occasionally, a department/center will wish to designate a visiting professor,
    visiting scientist, or other appropriate zero dollar unclassified title. In those cases,
    the sponsoring unit must demonstrate that there are good institutional reasons
    why a title other than Z90NN Honorary Associate/Honorary Fellow is more
     Brief detail of the responsibilities/relationship, current vitae, and any other supporting
    information deemed helpful to support the request.
     Identify source(s) of funds to support research/related activities while at UWMadison.
     Signature of supervisor/mentor.
     Signature of chair/director.
    To expedite process, a draft letter of appointment on department/center letterhead may
    also be provided. If possible, provide the draft as a Word document electronically to
  • CALS HR will review. If approved at the division level, the approved appointment title and
    an approval signature will be added to the request form. If approval cannot be granted,
    communications will occur between CALS HR and department/center.
  • CALS HR will make an electronic copy of approved request form. The original will be
    returned to the department/center.
  • If draft letter of appointment letter with chair/director signature was provided with request
    form, CALS HR will finalize, sign, and return original to the department/center.
  • Department/center will forward appointment letter to the appointee.
  • Questions regarding this process, or requests for preliminary guidance or review, should be
    directed to your CALS HR departmental contact (see directory information at or to