Appointment Process

Summary of Information for Visiting/Honorary Appointments in CALS


  • Appointment Information for Visiting / Honorary Appointments
  • Visiting appointees to research, teaching, and outreach programs in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences should be appointed on a Visiting/Honorary Appointment within the CALS Department/Center with which they will affiliate during their time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Under a visiting/honorary appointment, the appointee should have access to departmental research facilities, office, and/or laboratory space as appropriate, and access to colleagues.
  • In addition, they should have all rights accorded to University of Wisconsin-Madison visiting appointees including the use of libraries.
  • Appointment duration can be requested for a maximum of three years with the option to extend, pending CALS HR approval.

Process for Establishing an Appointment

  • Visiting/honorary appointees should discuss with their sponsoring Department/Center their appointment type, campus/department policies/procedures, enrollment procedures, accesses, rights and expectations involving research and intellectual property, and liability/insurance issues.
  • Provide guidance information to supervisor/mentor and chair/director for review prior to preparation and submission of a Visiting, Zero Dollar, Honorary Appointment Request Form. It is recommended that this information also be provided to appointee as an informational reference.
  • Prepare a Visiting, Zero Dollar, Honorary Appointment Request Form (see form). Request form should include:
     Name of appointee.
     Expected dates of appointment (generally appointments are limited in length).
     Proposed working title for appointment.
     Occasionally, a department/center will wish to designate a visiting professor,
    visiting scientist, or other appropriate zero dollar unclassified title. In those cases,
    the sponsoring unit must demonstrate that there are good institutional reasons
    why a title other than Z90NN Honorary Associate/Honorary Fellow is more
     Brief detail of the responsibilities/relationship, current vitae, and any other supporting
    information deemed helpful to support the request.
     Identify source(s) of funds to support research/related activities while at UW Madison.
     Signature of supervisor/mentor.
     Signature of chair/director.
    To expedite process, a draft letter of appointment on department/center letterhead may
    also be provided. If possible, provide the draft as a Word document electronically to your HR Departmental/Center contact (see directory information at )
  • Department/Center will enter the appointment in JEMS.
  • CALS HR will review. If approved at the division level, the JEMS entry will be approved. If approval cannot be granted,
    communications will occur between CALS HR and department/center.
  • CALS HR will finalize, sign, and return original appointment letter to the department/center.
  • Department/center will forward appointment letter to the appointee.
  • Questions regarding this process, or requests for preliminary guidance or review, should be
    directed to your CALS HR departmental contact.