Borlaug Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Agricultural Service released a Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the FY20 Borlaug Fellowship Program. The questions and answers are included below. If you have any other questions about the program email For more information on the Borlaug Fellowship Program click here.

Q. Can more than one scientist participate in the training session?
A. No. There can only be one fellow per mentor in a given semester.

Q. Is one institution able to bid on more than one Fellow? If so, can they be grouped within the same proposal or are multiple proposals required?
A. Yes, an institution can bid on more than one fellow. Each scope of work should have its own proposal submission however.

Q. Is mentor compensation allowable for their time?
A. The compensation should be proposed in the applicant’s submission and justified under the budget narrative.

Q. Is their one single activity related to the mentor’s follow-up trip or is an additional activity after that trip required to further assess the fellowship’s impact?
A. The mentor will follow up with the Participant for an additional year after their visit to assess the impact of the exchange program. This does not mean that the program pays for additional in-person visits.

Q. Can one application be put towards all 3 countries fellows?
A. Separate proposals are required for each Scope of Work.

Q. Can the PI and the Mentor in the fellowship be the same person?
A. Yes, they can.

Q. Can there be more than one mentor in the program?
A. Yes, a fellow may have co-mentors if their areas of expertise are complimentary to the fellow’s research.

Q. Is the budget of $60,000 for two years or one year?
A. The $60,000 is the total cost of the 2-year program. This funding amount needs to cover all costs, including the travel for the follow up visit.

Q. Is the first reference to modified total direct costs (MTDC) on Page 7 a typo?
A. Yes, Page 7 is incorrect in referring to MTDC. Page 7 should read that the correct indirect cost rate is 10% of Total Direct Costs (TDC).