CALS Global Seed Grant Opportunity

Global Agricultural Research and Development Network (GARDEN)

Purpose: To seed and promote activities by CALS faculty and staff towards developing a Global Agricultural Research and Development Network (GARDEN).

Eligibility: All CALS faculty (with tenure home in a CALS department) and academic staff.

Application Process: Please submit a two-page description (single-spaced, 11-point or larger font, and standard 1-inch margins) of the proposed GARDEN activity. Include a brief budget not to exceed $5,000 along with a description of any expected leveraged support. Budget should not exceed one-page. The entire document, including a two-page CV, should be submitted by the deadline as a single pdf document to with a subject headline ‘CALS Global GARDEN grant.’

Timeline: Request for applications (RFA) will be issued in January with a submission deadline of March 15. The selection decision will be announced by April 15 with an expected start date of on/or after May 15. Funds will be available for 12 months from date of acceptance, reimbursed to the project quarterly. Unused funds will revert to CALS Global at grant completion. (Funds may be available past the 12-month period if COVID-19 has affected the PI’s ability to carry out the work, subject to approval by CALS Global.)

Supported Activities: The grant may be used to support the following activities*, but priority will be given to work that may lead to an international research and development grant application or funded contract:

  1. Research project development or implementation in or with another country
  2. Support for graduate research at an international institution
  3. Travel to an international partner institution to collaborate on project development or a grant proposal
  4. Hosting an international partner or visiting scientist at UW/CALS to strengthen global networking

*Requested travel may be re-budged to other categories without prior approval until COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted.

Selection Process: A sub-committee of the CALS Global Committee will review all applications and prepare a ranked list based on published criteria. The Director of CALS Global will make the final selection.

For further information, please contact CALS Global Assistant Director, Dr. Jennifer Kushner (