Hasan Khatib

Animal and Dairy Sciences




International Activity

Obihiro University of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine: Collaborations with Dr. Goto and Miyamoto. In May 2017, Dr. Tats Goto spent five months in the laboratories of Dr. Khatib and Dr. Rosa.
Dr. Akio Miyamoto visited my lab in March 2017, July 2018, and March 2023 to discuss early embryonic development and fetal mother communication research. In June 2018, I was invited to Obihiro University for presentations and discussions. This collaboration resulted in a joint publication in Frontiers in Genetics in 2021.

Two visiting scholars from the University of Milan, Prof. Alessandro Bagnato and Dr. Maria Strillacci, spent 18 months in my lab for scientific collaborations on different projects. In 2019, A paper was published with Dr. Strillacci as co-author (Gross N, Strillacci MG, Peñagaricano F, Khatib H (2019) Characterization and functional roles of paternal RNAs in 2-4 cell bovine embryos. Sci Rep. 9(1):20347). Another paper was submitted for publication, including Sr. Strillacci as a co-author.
As part of my collaboration with Dr. Paolo Ajmone Marsan from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza, Italy), a graduate student from his lab (Matilde Passamonti) spent five months in mt lab in 2022.

Dr. Lan spent over a year in my lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Dr. Wang visited my lab a few times. These collaborations resulted in several publications. Also, I was invited to Northwest University at Yangling to teach a graduate course in molecular genetics each summer over three years.

Ibrahim Raufu, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria; visiting scholar (September 2020-August 2021)

In December 2017, I was invited to give a short course in animal breeding and genetics at Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza (UNTRM), Chachapoyas, Peru. In May 2018, Dr. Danilo Bustamante (Peru) and I submitted a proposal to the National Agency of Aquaculture in Peru to develop single nucleotide polymorphisms in rainbow trout to increase aquaculture productivity.

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