Future of International Research Collaboration Post COVID-19

Sponsor: NSF
Target Group: Faculty & Staff, Graduate Students
Closing Date: March 31, 2021
Description: This letter invites Rapid Response Research (RAPID) and EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) proposals for research to clarify lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for international collaboration and research to strengthen international collaboration in the future. Proposals must focus on research topics unique to international engagement. Proposals should be submitted by institutions eligible to submit proposals to NSF and must include international collaboration as an integral part of the work. NSF encourages proposals from diverse teams. Proposals from early career investigators are especially welcome.

Research topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Type I: Research to Clarify Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic for International Collaboration
    • Analyzing and synthesizing data from U.S. and international sources on the nature and scope of COVID-19 impacts to illuminate trends in international collaboration;
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic environment;
    • Addressing the unique challenges of field work and other site-specific research.
  2. Type II: Research to Strengthen International Collaboration for the Future
    • Reimagining international collaboration to enhance research productivity and accelerate progress in science and engineering;
    • Improving preparedness to make international collaboration more resilient, moving beyond traditional approaches centered on travel and remote access;
    • Leveraging lessons of COVID-19 experience in the U.S. and abroad to broaden participation in international collaborations.

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