Global Research & Outreach (GRO) Award

2024 Call for Proposals


The Global Research and Outreach (GRO) Award seeks to advance sustainable agriculture and the life sciences through a focus on food systems decarbonization, water sustainability, novel agronomic systems, feeding the world through plant biology, promoting healthy aging through gut microbiome & nutrition, and preventing vector-borne diseases. 


The lead applicant must be CALS faculty or academic staff with a CALS home department or unit. Other team members do not need to be in CALS and can include international partners, however funding will not be sent to international collaborators.   

Application Process:

Please submit a one-page description of the proposed activity. The proposal should include the following categories:

  • Project overview
  • Project objectives
  • Proposed activities
  • Deliverables and intended outcomes

As appendices, please include:

  • A one-page budget, not to exceed $5,000 along with a description of any expected leveraged support
  • A one-page description of the team members including their role and expertise.
  • A two-page CV or bio brief for the project lead

Note that for projects focused on international dairy research and development – priority will be given to activities that align with or include collaborators at international research centers such as ILRI or CATIE. 

The entire document should be no more than five pages and submitted by the deadline as a single pdf document to with a subject headline “Global Research and Outreach Award or GRO Award.”

Format should be single-spaced, 11-point or larger font, and standard 1-inch margins.

Timeline and Process:

Request for applications (RFA) will be issued in December 2023 with a submission deadline of January 26, 2024 at 5 PM CST. The selection decision will be announced by February 27, 2024, with an expected start date of on/or after March 15, 2024. Funds will be available for 15 months from date of acceptance. Extensions will be permitted in the event of health or safety issues beyond our control. Expenses must be approved by CALS Global prior to activity. Unused funds will revert to CALS Global at grant completion. All expenditures are subject to UW rules and policy. There is no mandatory cost-share requirement.

Supported Activities:

To support new or existing projects, programs and initiatives including but not limited to educating and supporting those in developing countries through technical assistance, internships, research, study, training, equipment, and materials. 

Not Supported:

Funds cannot be used for tuition payments or remission, salaries, or long-term housing.

Selection Process:

A sub-committee selected by CALS Global will review all applications and prepare a ranked list based on published criteria. The Director of CALS Global will make the final selection. For further information, please contact CALS Global Research and Partnerships Coordinator, Julia Frangul (