Health, Ecosystems, and Agriculture for Resilient, Thriving Societies (HEARTH)

Sponsor: USAID
Target Group: Faculty and Staff
Closing Date: August 14, 2020
Description: HEARTH aims to provide USAID Missions and the private sector a flexible opportunity to partner in the co-creation and delivery of high impact activities that conserve biodiverse ecosystems and improve the well-being and prosperity of communities that depend on them. Depending on local needs, sectors that may comprise HEARTH concepts include: biodiversity conservation, health, food security (agriculture and nutrition), governance, economic development and livelihoods, water supply and sanitation, education, modern energy solutions, forest management and restoration, and climate resilience. Concepts should integrate activities and outcomes in sectors prioritized by the USAID Missions(s) in the country or countries where activities are proposed to be implemented.

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