Improving Worker Rights in Rural Sectors of the Indo-Pacific

Sponsor: Department of Labor
Target Group: Faculty & Staff
Closing Date: October 1, 2020
Description: The Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB), U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL, or the Department), announces the availability of approximately $ 4,000,000.00 total costs (subject to the availability of federal funds) for one cooperative agreement(s) to fund a technical assistance project(s) in the Philippines and one or two other countries in the Indo-Pacific region to improve adherence with labor standards.
Project Outcomes include the following:
1. Increased awareness among employers, workers, and other local stakeholders in selected rural communities of the requirements and benefits of adhering to the labor standards in the agriculture, fishing, and mining sectors;
2. Improved administration and capacity of government and other relevant stakeholders to monitor and remediate the labor standards in the rural sectors of agriculture, fishing, and mining; and
3. Improved enforcement by government to address wage inequality and workplace discrimination against women in workplaces in targeted rural areas, including in the agriculture, fishing, and mining sectors.

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