Resources for International Engagement

This resource provides faculty and administrators with clear, simple guideposts for international projects and hosting international visitors, including the policies, guides and contacts at University of Wisconsin-Madison to learn more.

Due to the complexities associated with international projects, you should always consult with your local research administrator and/or one of the offices below regarding potential and proposed projects abroad – the earlier, the better.

When planning an international research project or collaboration, it is important to consult with CALS Research Division and CALS Global early on to develop a non-disclosure agreement and prior to developing your budget.

Quick Links

Hosting International Scholars

Before Arrival

  1. Visas
  2. Appointment Process
  3. Reserving Lodging
  4. Booking Airfare
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Inform CALS Global

After Arrival

  1. Getting Around
  2. Banking
  3. Meals & Incidentals
  4. Net ID
  5. Enjoying Madison

International Research

Planning, Budget, and Building Alliances with Foreign Collaborators

  1. Understanding the Region
  2. Working with International Partners and Collaborators
  3. Developing Your International Project Budget
  4. Assistance from UW Madison’s Office of Legal Affairs
  5. Anti-Boycott Laws

Travel and Safety

  1. Passports and Visas
  2. Additional Medical Insurance, Medications and Vaccinations
  3. Additional Training Requirements
  4. Booking Travel

Banking and Payments Abroad

  1. License to Spend Funds
  2. Payments Abroad
  3. Paying in Cash
  4. Purchasing Equipment or Supplies Abroad
  5. Payment Schedule Abroad
  6. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Compliance and the Law

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research
  2. Human Subjects Involved in Research
  3. Data Storage and Ownership
  4. Material Transfer Agreements
  5. International Travel or Collaboration & Export Controls
  6. Researching Animal Subjects
  7. Environmental Health & Safety
  8. Investigators Disclosed for Financial Conflicts of Interest
  9. Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
  10. Don’t Pack a Pest

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