Latin America Regional Program FY21

Sponsor: Department of the Interior
Target Group: Faculty & Staff
Closing Date: April 30, 2021
Description: The goal of the Latin America Regional program is to conserve priority species, habitats and ecological processes across landscapes with high biodiversity value in the region. The Latin America Regional program is soliciting proposals to reduce threats to key wildlife and ecosystems and to strengthen local individual and institutional capacity to sustain conservation processes in the long-term. Proposals should describe specific conservation actions that will foster sustainable resource use, mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, and/or combat wildlife poaching and trafficking. Proposed project activities that reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on conservation goals and promote climate change adaptation and resilience are also welcome.
California condor: Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park.
Jaguar: Sonora, Pacific Southwest, Yucatan peninsula, and Greater Lacandon system.
Monarch Butterfly: Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.
Scarlet Macaw: Veracruz and Greater Lacandon system.

Central America: For all landscapes, projects should address one or more of the following themes: addressing drivers of deforestation, especially uncontrolled cattle ranching; strengthening management of protected areas, community forests, and indigenous territories; improving alternative livelihoods; and mitigating threats to jaguars, tapirs, macaws, and peccaries.
Maya Forest – Maya Mountains Massif – Chiquibul – Central and Southern Corridor (Guatemala and Belize) Rio Plátano – Tawahka – Patuca – Bosawas (Honduras and Nicaragua)
Rio Indo Maíz (Nicaragua)
La Amistad (Costa Rica and Panama)
Darién Gap (Panama)

South America: Sustainable Resource Use and Wildlife Trafficking:
Tropical Andes (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)
Sustainable Resource Use and Human-Wildlife Conflict: Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)
Sustainable Resource Use: Gran Chaco (Dry Chaco ecoregion of Paraguay)

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