Short-term Visitors

  • Short-term visitors can be set up with a Guest NetID.
  • Campus departments can provide temporary wireless and VPN access to seminar attendees and others who need short-term access to UW-Madison’s campus network.
  • Guest NetIDs are now valid for use with the centrally supported campus wireless network and the campus VPN service, but not for any other services such as Office365, Box, or Google.
  • Guest NetIDs are for temporary visitors needing wireless and VPN access only. They are not equivalent to normal NetIDs. They should not be used in cases where the person’s identity is significant or a person with whom we will have a continuing relationship.

Long-term Visitors

  • Your HR Department should initiate the process of creating a NetID for the visitor if they will need access to a UW-Madison email account and WisCard.
  • For more information on getting NetIDs for affiliate populations visit: