Partnering with Affiliates

Do you have an affiliate with experience in the region to help with planning and compliance? 

  • Find local experts and people with experience in the region, e.g., NGOs, governmental entities, foundations, local universities, and hospitals. Exercise diligence in selection; careful background and reference checks should be performed. When work in licensed professions is required, proof of local professional licensure and institutional appointments of collaborators should be secured; also, the administrative and financial infrastructure supporting a collaborator should be examined.
  • Clearly define the partner role, e.g., participate in the research design and implementation, ensuring compliance with local laws and/or project management. Determine if your partner should be included as a subrecipient or a contractor:​​​​​​​
  • Draft the proposal and/or project plan together including timelines, ownership of the work product, allocation of costs and liabilities, roles and responsibilities (guidance at Ask about any foreign government approvals that may be required.