Passports and Visas

Does everyone traveling have a valid passport? 

Ensure UW-Madison project staff that travel to the foreign location have current passports. Passports should be valid for 3 months beyond your date of return:

Are there any visa or work permit requirements? 

Confirm in-country visa and work permit requirements. Work conducted in a foreign jurisdiction for more than a few weeks should generally be done only under appropriate research, academic or business visas, rather than under a tourist visa or a visa that allows attendance at seminars or professional/educational meetings. 

UW-Madison faculty, staff and students should enter and remain in foreign jurisdictions only with appropriate visas. A visa is always required for travel unless the country to be visited offers a “visa waiver” for short-term stays (e.g. U.S. citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada for fewer than 180 days, though they may need one if their purpose is to study or work); visa waiver eligibility depends on the traveler’s country of citizenship. Research, studies, conferences, or business meetings may necessitate a business visa (or a more specialized visa such as a student or research visa) rather than a tourist visa. Commercial services are widely available to secure, before departure from the United States, appropriate visas for these purposes. It is important to consider the visa laws and historical practices of a country in which a project or program is sited, and to do so well in advance of travel to that jurisdiction by UW-Madison faculty, students or staff, so that these issues can be anticipated and resolved in non-urgent circumstances.

Some visas can take as long as six months to process, so, visa requirements should be researched as early as possible.