Purchasing Equipment or Supplies Abroad

Will you need to purchase equipment or supplies abroad? 

  • Where the value exceeds $5,000 per unit, including motor vehicles, you will need to comply with procurement regulations, including securing at least three competing bids from potential vendors.¬† Exceptions may be made for specific, well documented reasons. Also, all tangible materials with a value of more than $5,000 must be accounted for in an inventory, tagged and tracked. In no case should these purchases be made in the personal name of a UW-Madison faculty member, staff member or student, unless this is unavoidable and has been approved in advance by RSP.¬†Research and departmental administration staff are well versed in these requirements, including inventory tagging and tracking, and faculty should work through them.¬†
  • Other than in truly exceptional circumstances, motor vehicles should be registered in the name of a local collaborating institution, which would then assume responsibility for maintenance and local insurance requirements.