Reserving Lodging

Lodging Policy & Allowable Costs

  • Lodging Policy
  • Allowable and included in the maximum rate: Room Fee, occupancy tax, non-avoidable fees, non-exempt sales tax
  • Unallowable: Sales Tax from WI or a treaty state, security deposits, amenities, meals, avoidable fees


  • All lodging must be reserved through the Concur online system, directly with an Agent at Travel, Inc.,  by booking directly with the lodging facility, or by booking through AirBnB. Use of other third-party booking sites (e.g. VRBO,, Travelocity) is prohibited.
  • To allow a Travel Arranger to make travel arrangements on behalf of a non-employee/guest, contact the UW-Madison Travel Manager.
  • Travelers can use a Purchasing Card, a My Corporate Card or a personal credit card to pay for lodging and related expenses.
  • Travelers are limited to the daily rate for the location. Use the UW TravelWIse Lodging and Per Diem Calculator to see the daily rates for the dates and location of your trip.

Long Term Stays

  • The University allows for payment/reimbursement of extended lodging, such as extended stay hotels or weekly/monthly rentals, when a traveler remains in travel status for 30 days or longer.
  • For suggestions on long-term housing options, contact CALS Global.