Strategic Alliances for Mexico (SAM)

Sponsor: USAID
Target Group: Faculty & Staff
Closing Date: February 15, 2021
Description: Through this Notice of Funding Opportunity, the United States Agency for International Development in Mexico (USAID/Mexico) is interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with non- and for-profit organizations to participate in USAID/Mexico’s Strategic Alliances for Mexico (SAM) (NOFO). Eligibility for this award is not restricted.
Through SAM, USAID/Mexico announces its desire to forge strategic alliances with entities and with the private sector in priority areas, as defined by the Government of Mexico (GOM) and the United States Government (USG). SAM is designed to increase the sustainability and impact of our development investments in Mexico in the following areas:
In order to reduce impunity and violence:

1. More effective, responsive, and accountable government institutions

2. Communities more effectively resolve and mitigate local conflict

3. Expanded engagement with non-governmental institutions

In order to expand US/Mexico economic ties:

1. Developed, Sustainable, and Integrated Supply Chains

2. Improved Business Transparency and Integrity Practices

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