UW Madison’s Languages

The UW-Madison’s Languages initiative is a grass-roots project that aims to raise awareness of the linguistic diversity of our campus and local communities; recognize and communicate the value of multilingualism for individuals, communities, and societies; promote understanding of language as a key aspect of diversity and raise awareness of linguistic discrimination; and promote a more inclusive campus climate in which language is recognized as a key aspect of identity that contributes to the diversity of our campus community.

Following broad campus input, three ad hoc working groups will be formed to work on the following areas of focus:

  1. Raising awareness of the value of bi/multilingualism, of the many languages represented by the UW-Madison campus community, and of Wisconsin as a multilingual state
  2. Engaging in initiatives to integrate language(s) into campus-wide diversity and inclusion efforts, with an emphasis on the need to recognize and address linguistic prejudice and discrimination in all forms, and to ensure equity and access in all university activities for minoritized groups, Deaf and hard of hearing students and staff, and bi/multilingual students and staff.
  3. Advocating for increased visibility and support for Indigenous languages

All are welcome to join in our collective work! Please plan to come to the next planning meeting: 4:00 pm, Wednesday, December 2. The Language Institute is committed to inclusive and accessible programming. To request an accommodation for the December 2 meeting, please contact Kristin Dalby by Tuesday, November 24.

If you are interested in participating in a meeting in a language other than English, please call Cultural Linguistic Services:

Español/Spanish: (608) 265-0838    Hmoob/Hmong: (608) 263-2217    བོད་ཡིག/Tibetan: (608) 890-2545    中文/Chinese: (608) 890-2628    नेपाली/Nepali: (608) 262-7521